Do You Know a Drummer?

I hope all of you had a good day…mine was busy with work, then a walk, cooking supper, baking banana bread (YUM!), then went to praise team practice. Do you know a Christian who can play drums? The great drummer we’ve had the last few years is moving away, and we really need a good drummer. If you know someone like that please let me know!!! I like going to practice even if I’m not singing on Sunday…I don’t get to listen to much music during the week and I like getting some good music running in my head part way through the week. It’s good for my heart.

Thought for the day

We are so fortunate to live in a country where we can have a free election every 4 years with the potential of changing direction and changing people in power all without a shot being fired. We have open forums and debates and the freedom to speak our mind and disagree–what a huge blessing. Many, many people gave their lives and made sacrifices to insure these rights for us, so let’s honor their sacrifice by making sure we take advantage of our privelege to vote.

3 thoughts on “Do You Know a Drummer?

  1. Yes, I actually do know a good Christian Drummer…however he is half way around the world from us right now….I will be praying that you find someone quickly. I enjoyed the debate and thought SP did a great job. She is kinda funny with her Northern accent…doncha know?


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