Is God a Liar?

Is it just me, or do any of you ever not like yourself? There is sometimes no word for it other than self-loathing. That may sound extreme, but sometimes we are that hard on ourselves. And why? Because we aren’t perfect in form or face? Because we are too _________ (fill in the blank)? Because we are too tired or busy to accomplish everything? Because our attitude is (still) less than perfect?

I believe that we as women are especially prone to this tendency, and we come to accept it as a normal realistic view of ourselves. I am beginning to think that there is more to it. First, we must see in us what God sees. I believe that women hold the potential to be an incredible force for God’s blessing in the world. He’s given us hearts full of compassion, the ability to see under the surface to the heart of a person, a great gift of faith and prayer, and, as we all know, the ability to multi-task. Next, we must realize the extreme pressure put on us in this culture to be young, thin, beautiful, successful, strong, and in perfect health. Anything less is seen as almost a failure of character. I believe that Satan uses these pressures which feel so normal to us to paralyze us on a daily basis. We get up and get ready in the morning and all it takes is one missed detail of the family schedule or something less than perfect in the mirror or the fit of our clothes and Satan whispers in our ear, “You failed again” or “You look like crap” and we’re done for the day. We lose all our ability to see past the accusation, and we become the center of our own focus for the rest of the day. We no longer see the people around us; we no longer pray with power; instead of reaching out to others, we are self-conscious; instead of rejoicing in God’s love for us, we condemn ourselves with our own thoughts.

It really is a self-indulgent sin that lets us focus on just ourselves and calls God a liar. He loves us, and if we disagree with Him we are calling Him a liar. I think that’s something none of us want to do. It’s a hard mindset to repent from because it feels so natural—but it is a sin, we NEED to repent .

Thought for the day

If you belong to Christ celebrate and rejoice in who you are—He does!!!
Jeremiah 31:3; Zephaniah 3:17

5 thoughts on “Is God a Liar?

  1. Hey mom. Wish I could relate – I’ve NEVER felt ugly or fat or stupid or like a bad mom or wife or daughter or sister or friend or employee. But if I ever had, I think this would all make a lot of sense… Oh… wait a minute. It does.tabbi 🙂


  2. wow..this is an awesome post. You know I agree with you whole-heartedly. I cant believe there is a woman out there that has never had these self doubts or bad feelings about herself, but your daughter is one of them! You are one incredible mom…to have nurtured a daughter that loves herself so much. I hope I have done that for my pretty wonderful little girl…now if I could just stop thinking I hate my fat old self!


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