9bc07-016Perhaps a better word would be conversations.  That’s what prayer is, conversation.  We should be talking, listening, and being still.  Sometimes when we pray we get a sense of God answering us in a very real way.  It may be immediate, or it may happen over the course of days.  However He chooses to reveal His heart to us, it is precious, and we don’t want to forget what He’s shown us in those moments.

If you move your mouse over the word Devotions up in the menu bar you will see a drop-down menu of pages that each contain ten conversations or links to conversations.  These are prayers and burdens that have been on my heart over many years, and each includes the response I feel the Lord shared with me.

I share them here because I think most of us have very similar struggles, questions, and problems over the course of our lives.  I hope that these prayers may help you put into words whatever is weighing on your heart.  The response from the Lord may be specific to me, or it may speak exactly to your need.  Be encouraged to take your need, whatever it is, to God and listen for His voice to answer.  Almost every devotion closes with Scripture references, and it is my hope that you will read these with a Bible, pen, and paper nearby, or you risk hearing only from me.  It is my prayer that you will hear from God directly as He communes with your heart.

Many blessings!