Saturday Time

Well, it’s been a great day, and there’s still plenty of it left. I’ve done laundry, cleaning, errands, and some work in the kitchen, but I feel like doing some more in my cupboards before calling it quits. We head to a wedding later, meet Megan for supper, and she’ll be here with us till Monday morning. Nothing definite planned for tomorrow…just hanging out after church.

Thought for the day
Life is such a gift, and time is so precious; it’s good that time does not have the final word. We feel as though we are controlled and dominated by time, and it is the master of all our decisions and considerations. Yet, it seems we have the time to do the things we really want to do…even if they are not the most worthy endeavors on our list. That’s okay, but sometimes the things I choose make me wonder how serious I am about the things I say really matter to me. You know, things like prayer, lovings others, learning and growing in God, and of course rearranging those kitchen cupboards. Which reminds me…….gotta go…lots of cupboards calling.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Time

  1. Love these pics of the kids….I know what you mean about things we say are important and are they really? Out of the mouth the heart speaks…I think its the same about our actions…ew, conviction.Have a fun day. I finished another little quilt today, so I have 3 to take to Omaha with me on Monday. Yeah! We have a really busy weekend too. Will go to the SUTL dinner tonight and then church in the am. fun! After that, Im not sure, I suppose come home and get ready for another day in Omaha on Monday! Yee haw! My neck is a LOT better. My chiropractor found a spot that was twisted and once it was untwisted, I feel tons better. Still a little sore, but at least now Im not in constant pain. PTL!


  2. I’m very glad you feel better. It’s hard to cope in any way when you have pain all the time. It’s time to get ready to go. I got some cupboards straightened around. YAY!!!! Hopefully talk to you in a day or two–have fun!!


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