The Flu–Yuck

Well, apparently the flu is going around!! Jon, Trever, and Tre were all sick today. I thought Tabbi and Tru and I should go out to celebrate their 8th anniversary, but she thought she needed to take care of her family…imagine that. Jon has slept most of the day, so I’m praying he will be “all better” by morning.

Cooler here today and we had some rain in the area last night, but there was sunshine by late afternoon. I hope you all had a good day today celebrating your very special unique self made by and for God…let’s all do it again tomorrow!! That’s right, He enjoys us EVERY day.

Thought for the day

Let’s all remember to pray for each other. There are always needs, and we need to understand what others are facing. Let’s lift up each other and pray for the needs we see in their lives as well as for our own needs. God hears; He sees our heart; He moves in answer to our prayer.

3 thoughts on “The Flu–Yuck

  1. Sorry to be out of touch. We moved the computer on Friday and had to wait til the phone co could come and set up a phone jack so it would work. Im way behind on my blogs…Sorry to hear Jon and the others are ill. Will be praying for them. My aunt and uncle from Montana are here overnight, so have had NO Computer time today at all..I will be in DesMoines all day tomorrow…so MAYBE tomorrow night will bring something new on my blogs…hope so!


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