Hooray for Leftovers

There is something really great to coming home after a Monday back at work, finding out Jon is home for the evening (which almost never happens this time of year), and having leftovers I just have to heat up for supper. There was just enough leftover roast and Hy-Vee chicken in the fridge to make supper work with a couple of easy sides. Somehow, it’s still almost 8:00 before I get all done cleaning it up, but it was very enjoyable. Got to watch “Chuck”…just a really fun show.

Thought for the day

Leftovers are great in the fridge, but they are useless in our heart. God gives us a great lesson in manna. The Israelites were supposed to gather the manna every morning, but for one day only. It is the same in our life with God. We can’t come to Him and receive a store that will last us for a month, a week, or a couple of days. Ideally we are receiving from Him moment by moment, but there is an obvious pattern given of coming to Him daily for what we need. We need to understand that while His supply for us is inexhaustable, it is given fresh from His hand not stored up from last month’s weekend retreat. We gain much from special times of dedication, attention, and focus but they cannot sustain us day to day…and we lose much by expecting that result. What God wants most is relationship, and He has designed us with the need for fresh “manna” daily or moment by moment as needed. It amazes me how I can be coasting along thinking everything is fine when I realize how long it’s been since I came to Him and received fresh from His heart.

4 thoughts on “Hooray for Leftovers

  1. Chuck rocks! I looked online last night at NBC’s website – their store – you can get Buymore shirts, Buymore polos, and Nerd Herd shirts. I am thinking those might have to show up at Christmastime for Jon and me . . . YAY!!


  2. as always, I enjoyed your post.I like leftovers, unless there is just meat, then Im skeptical. Yuk…I dont know what that mean spiritually, but that’s ok…I went to O yesterday and saw my old chiropractor, so my neck is on the mend. I was hoping the one in Atlantic would work out, but Im almost back to square one! I have been miserable…as you know…


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