The Perfect Walk

I worked a little late today then stopped at the store. So it was a little after 6:00 when I went out for a walk. What a PERFECT time for a walk. The air was crisp and just a little cool…perfect for a sweatshirt. The sidewalks had many places covered deep in leaves. Got to hear the crunching leaves under foot, dogs barking, and some unusual sounds for a Wednesday night. It was the first post season game for Harlan here tonight so I could hear the sound of the band warming up, and the activity at the football field. Walked back up College Blvd which is probably my favorite street in town and is a feast for the eyes with plenty of trees still full of gold and red leaves even with sidewalks covered in them as well. Perfect sounds, perfect air, perfect sights, it even smelled good. I’m really glad I got to go…with the time change next week and longer days at work I probably won’t get another chance like that this fall. It was a treat all the way around.
Never miss an opportunity to partake of that kind of beauty and pleasure…then store it up and don’t let yourself forget it on those “other kinds” of days.

Thought for the day

God gives us so many great gifts even as we just listen, see, smell, and feel the everyday marvels of His creation. DON’T MISS His grace…He won’t force you to notice, but the privilege and opportunity surround us at almost every turn. TAKE THE MOMENT to notice Him, worship Him, thank Him. Seriously it takes ONE MOMENT—DON’T MISS IT!!!!

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