Favorite Pet

It’s Thursday night and I just talked to Jon. Tomorrow they move from north of Rapid City, SD to south central SD for a few days…probably at least through the weekend, but he never knows for sure. It also depends on when they run out of clean (or rewearable, ewww) clothes. He sounds like he’s holding up well…the mud is a real pain, but he’s not working in bitter cold so that’s good.

Kelli and I were talking about dogs tonight…makes me ask…who was your favorite pet of all time and why? Let’s hear all about it. I must say that while Logan is an ideal dog for us at this point in time, my favorite pet was Nicki, a little black mutt with a great big heart. She was our first dog after we got married, and we got her while I was pregnant with Kelli. I think the bond you form with a pet at that point in life is stronger than the kind you form with a pet after you have children…it’s like it is your child. After you have children the pet is more just a pet. That’s good too, but not the same. I had a collie mix growing up that was my best friend…followed me everywhere, walked me to the bus when it was icy…great dog…but it was the family dog, Nicki seemed more like mine. So what’s your pet story?

Thought for the day

We all need to be loved, and we all need someone or something to love. A pet fills a gap in many lives especially at different stages. For kids the pet can be a best friend; for a young couple or empty nesters the pet is almost like a child; for a daycare provider the pet can be a great relief valve. God gives us a great gift in animals…not that a pet is for everyone, but they can be a great example of unconditional acceptance (you know, when they’re not chewing the furniture, making a mess, jumping, licking, or shedding all over). SO, WHO NEEDS A PUPPY FOR CHRISTMAS???

2 thoughts on “Favorite Pet

  1. Oh my Munch. . . like you said, she was my first baby. She was my companion while Jon was in law school and we had only been married for 6 months and was just my baby. It’s silly to miss her so much still, but I do sometimes. our new dogs are just fine too – I just need to not expect them to try fill Munch’s pawprints!


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