The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds on Prayer

Jon came home with a really bad headache tonight…gave him all the TLC I could and now he’s lying down in the dark quiet spare room (hope he doesn’t end up in Narnia!). Hopefully, he will feel like new when he wakes up…whether tonight or tomorrow morning.

Did a little reading tonight again in E.M. Bounds on prayer. It is so simple and so powerful. God has designed prayer so that we can ask for specific things, both spiritual and material, and receive the specific thing that we have asked. He does not adhere to the teaching we hear so much that prayer is for our benefit and changes us and is an exercise in something for our own development. We are to ask specifically and receive specifically. Both very encouraging and convicting as I wonder how much of my prayer is faith-filled and effective and how much is merely form and habit and without expecting God to answer. Great reading…I recommend it.

Thought for the day

Ephesians chapter 6 says much about prayer. Paul calls us to intensity, watchfulness, standing firm, perseverance, praying again and again, then praying more. Is that the way you and I seek God for what we need? Do we get hold of Him and refuse to let go or give up, or do we say the dutiful, obligatory words without really expecting to see what we are asking for? Lord, teach us to pray.

2 thoughts on “The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds on Prayer

  1. Thanks for praying for me Honey. Yes Kelli, I woke up around 9:45 last nite feeling much better. I showered, went right to bed & slept all night.


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