No News Can Be Good News

Another ordinary day today, and tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! What are your plans for the weekend? Sunday is Emmy’s 5th birthday, and we’ll be calling her and celebrating from here. Glad we got to see her early November and celebrate then. No big news I guess…all of you have a great Friday and weekend to follow!!

Thought for the day

Talked to my sister tonight and she asked if there was any news in my family. I said no….and we agreed that no news can be a very good thing. Even though there are things we are waiting on and impatient for, we are healthy, working, happy and that is all good even when it’s not news!! Have a great (even if uneventful) day!!

4 thoughts on “No News Can Be Good News

  1. Let the partying begin at our house! The cake is ready for today and Emmy woke up at 5:30 eager to start celebrating her birthday. Party with the daycare kids today, going to see “Bolt” at the theatre tomorrow, lunch at her favorite restaurant after church on Sunday and opening presents Sunday too! We should keep busy enough! Thanks for your help with dog stuff yesterday!


  2. Hey – would Kathy be interested in making a quilt to be used as a donation to raise money? I just thought of her today when I was adding information to my blog about “Artists for Hope”. If you think she might be interested you can direct her to the info. on my blog.


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