In Times Like These

We are trying to watch part 2 of a movie that I taped the other night and, unfortunately, I picked a tape with bad tracking to put it on and we can barely see what’s going on. We must want to watch it, though, because we are struggling through. I’m starting to make preps for Saturday…vacuumed the basement and got some other things out of the way. I’m really excited!! Honestly, I’m probably more excited for myself than for my mom…sorry, but how can I not be excited???

Thought for the day

How shall we live…that question is asked over and over…how shall we live in times like these? It always sounds ominous to me, but truthfully the “times” that many of us are challenged with are times of monotony, routine, at my age even boredom. How do we keep a “sharp edge” and a vital faith in the face of day after day? Days like these few when I am looking forward to something in particular are great, but there are so many other days, especially this time of year, that feel pretty empty. Again, the answer for me seems to be prayer…having the extra time on my hands gives me more opportunity to focus on prayer. But it is not something that comes easily…it requires time, attention, and laying down of self. What works for you…how do you stay sharp “in these days”?

2 thoughts on “In Times Like These

  1. Sounds like you will have so much fun at your mom’s party. How do I stay sharp in times like these??? Well, I’ve found out that sticking my head in the sand doesnt work! Praying is the key…but staying informed helps me feel less overwhelmed and more prepared for prayer…


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