Being at Home

So how do you like my new weather sticker???? You can put your town in the “find weather” box and get all the info you need! I really like weather and I’m excited for spring with the changes and maybe thunderstorms (!!!). Tonight I have to bake cake. At my workplace everyone has to bring cake or something unhealthy 🙂 for their birthday…even though I don’t have a birthday this year, I still have to bring treats.
Speaking of treats, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATHY!!!!

Tonight the repairman picked up my sewing machine to fix it. Tabbi is cheering…I’m really excited (not) to start on that stack of jeans with holes in the knees…and a backpack to see if I can repair for Bria. Can you tell how much I love sewing and mending? That’s okay…it’s a necessary evil. Maybe someday someone else in the family will have a sewing machine and can do all the mending!!!

Time to get started on supper, stretches, walking, laundry, putting away dishes, paying bills, all the fun stuff I wanted to come home and do all afternoon!

Thought for the day

The consensus as I received it is that God is okay with our mental breaks, zone outs, whatever we want to call them. I do think though that our heart can remain open to Him even in those times…ready to hear should He speak, willing to rest in Him, even submitting to a circumstance He has brought into our day. He should be the home of our mind and heart…the place we go when we are not actively involved in anything else. Not by effort (though we may need to remind ourselves at first), but because we want to be near Him. It doesn’t mean there are always words, deep thoughts, revelation, or anything like that…sometimes it’s just a child absent-mindedly sitting on his or her mother’s or father’s lap, or holding a hand. It’s being at home with Him…the rock of habitation to which I continually come.

One thought on “Being at Home

  1. My you are a busy lady! Thank you for the birthday wishes…I LOVED the card. It made me laugh out loud! I celebrated alone…almost. Larry is out of town til tomorrow afternoon, so Cheryl invited me over for soup. Hopefully me and Larry will have a date this weekend.Thanks for remembering me!


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