We had a fun weekend. Saturday and Sunday were my “unbirthday” days. Megan came about noon on Saturday and was able to stay until this afternoon. We watched our 3 Jesse Stone movies getting ready for tonight’s movie on TV. My cousin Dean called me yesterday and sang “Happy almost birthday to you!” There were the VERY funny cards that are always so much fun! Today Trever, Tabbi, Tre, and Tru came over at 10:00 and stayed till 3:30. We all had dinner together and just a general good time. Since then I’ve been doing some laundry and making sure I’m ready to give the movie my undivided attention! Hopefully, this week we’ll get my laptop running again…I miss it!

We are tentatively planning on going to see Kelli’s family in a couple of weeks for a long weekend…praying for good weather out ahead! Greg and Megan’s truck is loaded up and headed for Iowa…should be here next weekend!!! Hopefully Greg will be just a couple of weeks behind!!

Thought for the day

Keep praying for the house sale to go off without a hitch…no problems on the horizon!! I hope that you all know how much we appreciate that we can share prayer requests and know that you care enough to actually pray!! We really do need each other in all these events of life!!

5 thoughts on “Unbirthday

  1. Sorry we couldn’t make it, but hopefully we will see you in a couple of weeks! I’ll try to get up and going with the new computer again today and try to get better pictures of the girls’ room posted.


  2. Hi Mom– thanks for letting us come hang out yesterday – it was nice to come and do nothing and eat cake. you’ve created a monster in tru, though. he did my piggies all night long…


  3. No problem, Kelli. We’re looking forward to seeing you…keep hoping!!Tabbi, it was great you could all come. Tru is extremely funny at the anticipation factor of piggies. Is he still doing the no cake version or back to the original?


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