I’m Back

Okay, I’m officially BACK!!! My laptop is working again—hooray! Thanks, Jon. We actually had to have a tech come to the house to figure this one out…I still don’t get it.

Tomorrow Megan’s furniture arrives and she IS excited. We’ll try to be over there around 9:00 to load up the things they won’t need for a while and bring them back.

Tonight I worked on laundry, vacuuming, and rearranged my living room shelf and the basket in the entryway, and a couple of other little jobs that have been staring at me for a while. I hope to spend a good amount of time on Sunday on my mending pile…we’ll see how that goes!

My doctor appointment yesterday is open-ended…waiting to schedule another test. I liked the doctor and he seemed really thorough. I was in the lab for a test and leaving to go back out to the waiting area when someone said “Well, hi, Luann!” Freaked me out! I turned around to see someone I did not recognize at all. Rather than fake it I put a really blank look on my face, looked at her name tag, back at her face, and said, “Do I know you?” She said her name and then I realized it was my sister’s niece on her husband’s side. She may have been at my sister’s funeral, but I don’t remember and before that I have NO IDEA when I would have last seen her. So we hugged and caught up a little…it was nice, but a little unnerving at first!

I would love to have a “thought” but I really need to get ready for bed…getting up about 5:30-5:45 in order to go to breakfast before we leave town in the morning. Good night…sleep tight!!

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