Five Years Old

Today Tru turned 5 years old!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRU!! We’re looking forward to your party later!!

I got good news today. I had a medical test last week and got results today that showed no problem at all. I must say that I’m quite relieved but more aware. Thanks, Lord, for Your grace and protection. Tomorrow I get a day with Tre…haven’t done that in a long time and I’m looking forward to it!! Saturday we’ll go to Des Moines for a wedding, and Jon will be covering calls on Sunday. My bronchitis and sinus infection are pretty well cleared up, just a little coughing yet.

Thought for the day

Do you ever feel like a 5 year old? In some ways that would be great…seeing everything with fresh new eyes and finding the world an amazing, wonderful place. In some ways that would mean feeling like you’ll never be “big” and get to do all the cool stuff the older kids do. I’m sure sometimes you’d feel like your mom knew everything and you were in trouble a lot. Those things are much like the things we experience as believers…the awe, the highs, the thinking we won’t ever “arrive”, the conviction of sin…yet God calls us to childlikeness in all the good ways. He also calls us to grow in grace, mature, and develop our faith and gifts. So it’s okay to be 5 years old in our simplicity, sincerity, and trust, at the same time growing in the practices of obedience, prayer, and walking out the truth we’ve been given. Here’s to 5 year olds!!

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