These are pictures from our visit to Kelli’s house. I’ve been a little slow with pictures lately…time to catch up! Those girls know how to make Logan happy!!

It’s blowing like crazy here…just roaring at times. There have been a few flurries, but mostly just wind. No real news today…like they say, “no news is good news”. If you haven’t looked at Kelli’s blog, check out the pictures she posted today…pretty amazing. Keep praying that their house stays dry and their community is kept safe.
Thought for the day
I was reading Acts 17 today. When Paul was in Athens he was speaking to those who would listen but what I saw today was that he spoke to where they were…in a city full of idols he didn’t scold or correct of accuse them…he saw the idol of the unnamed god and used that avenue to reach his listeners by introducing them to the true God they were acknowledging. He showed them respect while he told them the truth in a gracious, winsome way. We would do well to follow his example and meet people where they are. As I recall, Jesus did the same thing…that’s being in good company!

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