Tenderloins and Dreams

Hey, thanks to talking to me, everybody!! Love you all! Today was a really nice weather day to enjoy before a weekend that sounds yucky…it sounds like the worst will be north of here though…that’s okay with me!! Tonight we went to Elk Horn for the “best tenderloin in Iowa”. Definitely a Rolaids event!
Tomorrow night we will go celebrate Tru’s 5th birthday which was on the 25th. The party is at Pizza Hut in Missouri Valley…his favorite place to eat. Tonight on the phone he called it Pizza Hunt and told me to “be there or be square”. What a riot!

Thought for the day

Hopes and desires are important, but we need to keep them in balance. Proverbs 14 says “hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life” and “desire realized is sweet to the soul”. Yet we need to keep all things before the Lord and hold them loosely. By that I mean we need to bring those desires to the Lord and let Him refine and purify them until they reflect His heart, and then they will be in line with His will. We must give the right to change and realign our visions, our desires, and our hearts.

2 thoughts on “Tenderloins and Dreams

  1. We will be watching the weather. Greg and Megan will actually be able to come for a birthday party then drive back home to their place the same night…how fun. This is why they wanted to move back (plus they missed winter?) (not really).


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