This is Kelli in one of her favorite spots…with Jon! I don’t get up early enough to blog before I go to work, so it seems a little late for everyone to see this, but I guess most of my posts are a day behind by the time most of you see them. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KELLI!!! You always have been and always will be a wonderful gift from God to all of us! And we all appreciate it when you spew milk out of your nose…gosh, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve seen that! Being 33 makes you sound young to me, but being the mother of the 33 sounds pretty ancient! I hope you have a great day, and we’ll see you tomorrow night–YAY!!

Thought for the day

When you are confronted with a new opportunity how do you respond? Does a chance to further your training, or expand your work, or try something completely new fill you with dread or anticipation, or a little of both? I usually get kind of excited at first, but very quickly my mind fills with all the things that might go wrong or be a hassle. I’m sure in the past I’ve missed some of those opportunities by letting the negatives overshadow the potentials. In some cases that may have been God giving wisdom and protection, but at other times it’s been my own feelings of inadequacy or self-consciousness that has stopped me short. Okay, now I’m 53 (mother of 33) and it’s time that I learn to step out when God (and I mean God, not someone else) leads and trust Him for the rest. I hope I’m able to know His leading and follow without allowing myself or the enemy to trip me up.

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