It’s God’s Weather

Wow, I’m the energizer bunny tonight. I printed off some stuff at church for the prayer group, did 3 loads of laundry, grilled pork chops for supper, vacuumed, ran dishes, and I’m still going… Only a couple of things left and still time to blog! Okay, so not too remarkable, but more than usual for me. What I didn’t get done was walk tonight or last night…naughty, naughty. Time to get back on the treadmill so to speak.

Thought for the day

Are you enjoying spring? You better, because it’s supposed to feel like summer for a day or two before the weekend when it’s supposed to cool off again. I hope we get more spring…70’s and sun would suit me fine. Then I remember again that I’m doing my pet peeve…complaining about the weather. God’s in charge, and I’m perfectly okay with “letting” Him do it His way. How generous of me!!!??? Maybe not!

3 thoughts on “It’s God’s Weather

  1. Hi, Kathy! I have windows that are SERIOUSLY in need of cleaning…but I don’t think the weekend will accommodate well. I’m am getting anxious to clean out some cupboards and maybe have a garage sale, though. How about it, Tabbi?


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