Fast Week

Aren’t these just the cutest kids? These are some more pix from Memorial Day weekend…enjoy!
How did it get to be Thursday already??!! I met with a friend last night who had asked me to team with her having a women’s small group at the trailer court in town on Wednesday nights. Last night we just met together…hopefully start next week. I hope we can be a help and light there. I need to finish some laundry stuff and hope to get some things ready for the garage sale Tabbi and I are planning for June 13. Hopefully this will work out…finding more stuff…I mean treasures…to sell. I hope you’re all having a great week.
Thought for the day
Just an update…our prayer group on Sunday morning is going well. Numbers vary a little, but that isn’t the part we’re concerned about. I’m really pleased to find that as the week progresses and we don’t know what direction to take the next week, I’ll pray about it as I think of it, and then it comes…a plan that feels like more than just a good idea. And so far we sense His leading. You always say it’s there…you count on it being there when you’ll need it…but SO cool when it happens! Thank You, Lord. Lead on in all the areas of our lives!

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