Even though we already had a birthday party, today Tre turns 7!! WOW!! These pictures are from Tuesday night’s party. Tre was pretty excited to put on his new camouflage outfit and these animals came in a set from Bass Pro Shop…Tre’s favorite store! I’ve NEVER seen a 7 year old boy excited about clothes for a birthday gift, but he had asked for them and was glad to get them!
Today was a memorable birthday for him since he ended up at the ER. He had jumped off of a swing, and his arm hurt, and he wouldn’t use it. Xrays checked out okay after all, and he was feeling much better by afternoon. Nobody wants a cast for their birthday!!
More good news…Greg had an EMG test today and the nerve is still improving!! The doctor did not expect to see that progress, but it has definitely improved. It could take another year or more for it to heal completely, and he mustn’t be aggravating it, but they expect it to continue to heal!!! YAY!!! He will never take the use of an arm for granted again!! I don’t think any of us will after watching what he’s gone through.
Thought for the day
God is working. God is still answering prayers. Even when you see no progress; even when nothing seems to change; God is working in more ways and places than we would dare to hope…if we ask. His timetable is often different from mine, and His outcomes aren’t always my first choice, but let’s never fail to ask for the miracle or the thing dearest to our hearts. Let’s never be guilty of “having not because we ask not”. ALWAYS ASK. KEEP ASKING. TRUST HIM!!!

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