Pictures From the 4th

Can you tell who some of my favorite people are? These are some pix from the weekend…I’m pretty sure only Jon and I avoided the camera lens! I need to look at these closely and remember all I have to be thankful for. Do you sometimes have a day that tempts you to forget those things? It’s amazing to me that things that are so little in the grand scheme of things can get under my skin and grind on my heart till I think of nothing else. Time to give myself a good slap…I know…get in line!
Thanks, Lord, for Jon, all these, and many others who are precious to me. You’ve been so good!

2 thoughts on “Pictures From the 4th

  1. So how are you enjoying Omaha and the new digs? Any word on selling your house yet? Hope it goes quickly for you! Anything new going on at ANC?


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