Keeping Balance

Another day…more laundry…pay bills…a walk outside…roast in the crock pot…it’s been a pretty good one. I hope yours went well. We got out missionary packet today…the information about the missionary we’re supporting through Gospel For Asia…Borsing. Very humbling stuff when you see how someone else is willing to live and sacrifice to share the love of Christ. How little we see and understand! I hope we are equal to the task of supporting and praying for this man and his family.

Thought for the day

I stole a little more sleep this morning and skipped my morning reading time. I thought I was doing better, but I still almost dozed off at work. I just can’t get caught up…HAVE to do better! Maybe God could just squeeze a couple of more hours into my day while I’m sleeping and not tell me so that I spend that time sleeping instead of “getting more done”. We need to take better care of ourselves in the process of doing all that is put in our hands to do. Eating better, sleeping more, getting some kind of exercise when possible…I know how hard it is to fit it all in, but we need to take the small steps we can and let God fill in the gaps.

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