Gary Smalley

Okay back at work again…the circle of life. Lunch out with Jon because he isn’t working on Mondays…leftovers for supper…a wedding shower in the evening with (of course) more food. Tomorrow is my day to take my mom out for lunch…ARRGGHHH! I can be pretty good most of the time, but eating out blows everything, and I can’t turn down a meal out! My back hasn’t been feeling so great and losing some weight would be a really good move to give some relief or to be better prepared for any kind of treatment. Need to get my act together. HELP ME if you can!

Thought for the day

We saw part of a video at Sunday school yesterday on which Gary Smalley was talking about the way to pray persistently in the face of ongoing challenge. He was facing temptation and having inappropriate fantasies about another woman. He knew in his head that he wanted Christ to be his real source and fulfillment, but he was “feeling” like he wanted something else. So he would pray every day “God, I want You. I want You to be my life, my source, my satisfaction. I “feel” differently, but I choose You.” He never approached the woman, but the feelings persisted. Do you know how long he had to pray that way before there came some relief and change in his feelings? TWO YEARS. I think that is an awesome testimony of what it means to persevere in prayer and stand on the truth. Good stuff!

5 thoughts on “Gary Smalley

  1. Let's lose weight together! Wait, haven't we tried that before? Oh well…
    How come I'm seeing the titles “gary smalley” and “louis giglio” but no “jon hansen”? hmmm…
    do we need to talk?


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