Apparently I’m getting spoiled this week! Today we traded off the pickup for a 1999 Suzuki Grand Vitara in dark green…low miles and very cute! Also, it won’t leak in the rain and it’s much easier to see out of! There’s even talk about a remote starter in the future! Tomorrow I go to the dentist, and I see Sandy on Thursday for a touch up. Then sometime this week my new phone will come, too. I’m not quite sure what to do with all of this…a little overwhelming. Thanks, Jon!

Thought for the day

It never ends…we will be human for as long as we live. No matter how well we know the Lord we will always be able to sin. All it takes is to lose connection little by little, day by day. Distraction…not evil…just distraction comes in and before I know I’m coasting along in my own strength and doing fine for just a while then I start downhill…frustration and discouragement turn into anger, resentment, depression, even a little rage mixed in. And still I don’t know what’s wrong…it takes me a while in the hole before I realize that I’ve slipped away and it can feel like a LONG way back. In reality…a little time, a little focus, a little input from a good book or the Good Book and I begin to see what has happened. When I’m ready to relinquish He’s right there…He always was.

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