More pictures from the weekend…can you tell we had a good time? Jon’s kind of uncomfortable and miserable tonight. An added bonus, our furnace isn’t working. Hopefully someone can come fix it tomorrow. We’ll have boys for a while tomorrow…probably bundled under blankets watching cartoons till the furnace gets fixed. Hope you all have a great (and warm) weekend!
Thought for the day
I’ve had a sense that God is up to something, and it’s true. There’s been a shift in my heart, and He’s doing something new. It shouldn’t be new…humility should have been playing a greater part for years now, but the truth is, it’s been lacking. I’ve been full of my own brand of pride, and He’s broken it…I hope completely. This is one of those things I want to stay broken. I’ll let the repairman stay busy with the furnace…leave the “me” broken, please.

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