Review Copy!

WOOHOO!!! My review copy of my book came yesterday! I’ve made some changes, still considering another change before I upload again and order my books. I’m really happy with the way it looks. I hope it will be meaningful to more people than just me. Thanks to all my girls–all of you found changes for me to make that really improved the book. Thank you, Jon, for putting up with me while I take the time to get it done and for letting me spend the money :).

Yesterday I spent the morning cleaning up and waiting for the FedEx truck. Tabbi and the boys came around noon and we were able to take the boys out for combine and semi rides which they loved. They stayed overnight and went to church with us this morning before going home again. I spent all of the afternoon proofreading, editing, and doing laundry. Jon was cleared to drive truck again, so he’s glad to be able to help with harvest. Now he will be busy with trying to keep up his therapy while being able to work more. I’m tired. It’s been a good weekend!!

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