Super Bowl Sunday

Today is a big celebration day! It’s Jon (Holthe’s) birthday and the Super Bowl! So nice of the NFL to throw a party for him! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JON!!
My Jon was out on call till about noon today. We both got a nap this afternoon, and I baked cookies while doing laundry. Our Super Bowl party was quite the extravaganza…I had TWO Diet Cokes and put peanut butter on my celery sticks!! Quite the splurge! It’s been a fun game to watch no matter who you’re rooting for. I don’t like a blowout when the two best teams play each other. Hopefully Jon won’t have any more calls tonight…he’s tired and fighting a headache.
Pray for our church…they will probably have a pastor candidating yet this month. We really need God’s man in this place.

Thought for the day

I must confess that I’ve not been praying enough for the pastoral search at church. As the months go by it’s easy to forget that the process is going on to stop praying about it. Now that we are getting close I pray again that God will give us the right person for His purposes here. These are good people who need a man that can teach them, lead them, and love them. It’s been a long dry spell.

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