It’s my unbirthday today! I’m now 13 1/2. Last night we celebrated three birthdays…Trever’s, mine, and Greg’s. We went out to eat at China Pan then came back here for cake and ice cream. Today we had a pastoral candidate preach at church. The congregation voted for him, so now we wait to hear his answer. Just praying for God’s best for him and for us. The other highlight of the day has been NON-STOP blowing of my nose with many sneezes thrown in for good measure. Jon has the crud, too, so we’re both fairly miserable. It’s not as bad as the sore throat, though!!!

Jon has the week off and will be doing some work at the parsonage as well as fulfilling some other plans he’s made. I’m back to work tomorrow probably…with my own Puffs. I hope all of you have a great week and we’ll be in touch!!

3 thoughts on “Unbirthday

  1. Thanks again for coming to Tre's game, then supper and cake Saturday night. We had a really good time! Hope you're feeling better today… tm


  2. Still fighting the crud tonight. Dr said to switch to zyrtec instead of sudafed but didn't offer antibiotic. We'll see if it does any good.


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