Need Some Relief

Tabbi, Tre, and Tru came for church this morning. When we came home she went for groceries while the boys played on the computer. Since then I haven’t accomplished much…picked up the kitchen, went to the store, and maybe some more laundry.
Nothing extra happening this week…wait, Jon goes back to the dr this week. Otherwise, I think…wait, Tru has a birthday on Thursday!! He’ll turn 6! I guess it’s a big week, after all!
I’m trying some other inserts in my shoes…my plantar fascitis has been hurting a lot, so I’m hoping for some relief. I don’t know what else to try. I appreciate your prayers for some relief.

Thought for the day

Speaking of relief…where do we turn for relief? Apparently I turn to new insoles, ice, and whatever else I can get my hands on. It is different somehow to pray for yourself. It shouldn’t be. We belong to Christ and we are told to pray for our needs as well as the needs of others. There is also the need to trust Christ in whatever He is doing in our lives. We need to submit, accept, and be thankful in ALL things, always trusting His choices and timing. So we ask, and keep asking. We ask others to pray, as well. And in the meantime, we thankfully trust Christ day by day that all He is doing is right and best.

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