The God of All Comfort

I have a new book. “The God of All Comfort” by Hannah Whitall Smith. As you know, she is one of my favorite authors, and this book meets all expectations.
“It is of vital importance for us to understand that the Bible is a statement, not of theories, but of actual facts; and that things are not true because they are in the Bible, but they are only in the Bible because they are true.”
“But is this all His name implies, simply ‘I am’? I am what?–we ask. What does this ‘I am’ include? I believe it includes everything the human heart longs for and needs. This unfinished name of God seems to me like a blank check signed by a rich friend given to us to be filled in with whatever sum we may desire. The whole Bible tells us what it means.
Every attribute of God, every revelation of His character, every proof of His undying love, every declaration of His watchful care, every assertion of His purposes of tender mercy, every manifestation of His loving kindness—all are the filling out of this unfinished ‘I am.’
‘I am,’ He says, ‘all that my people need; I am their strength; I am their wisdom; I am their righteousness; I am their peace; I am their salvation; I am their life; I am their all in all.
I am rest for the weary; I am peace for the storm-tossed; I am strength for the strengthless; I am wisdom for the foolish; I am righteousness for the sinful; I am all that the neediest soul on earth can want; I am exceeding abundantly, beyond all you can ask or think, of blessing, and help, and care.”

See why I like it?????

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