He Is Faithful

God trains us to trust Him, to trust His character and His word whether circumstances are agreeable or not. Listen and see if you hear His voice:

“The promises that are given in My word are not coupons to be cashed in at your next shopping trip to the throne of My grace. They are, however, glimpses into My heart and My great love for you. The relationship I desire with you is full of life, vitality, and communication. I want you to bring your needs to Me because you love and trust Me. I want you to count on My promises because you have found Me trustworthy, not because you are looking for a way to manipulate Me.

Faith is not a matter of superstition or holding the upper hand; it is a relationship of trust between friends. In this case only one friend has proved to be completely unfailing; that one would be Me. The other friend, which would be you, is incapable of honoring the trust placed in him. What I have provided is the substitution of My faithfulness for yours. My payment at Calvary pays your debt and provides for the completion of our covenant. My faithfulness replaces your unfaithfulness.

My love and care can be counted on because I can not be anything less than faithful. Nothing touches your life apart from Me. Therefore, all that you encounter will work for your good and My glory as you trust Me. Will you trust Me in spite of the seeming difficulties that may argue against My goodness? This life is a shadow, and you can trust Me to carry you safely both through and beyond it. I love you and will never let you go.”

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