My Last Shower

My last shower was Saturday. Don’t worry, I will still smell great. It was the last time there was a shower for one of my daughters…Megan’s baby shower. Lots of people were out of town, but we had a really nice group of ladies and Megan, Greg, and Soybean got many wonderful gifts. Showers are really a great idea…such a nice way to help people get started with the new chapter of life. They also make us smell better 🙂

Thought for the day
There are so many things in life that make no sense to us. I was talking with Joanne Monday evening…Scott’s death is one of those things. And yet…but God… We talked a long time about God. Her faith is an inspiration and so brutally honest and uncompromising. In Christian circles today so much is explained away by the view that we live in a fallen world and there are consequences. This view says the very best we can hope for is that somehow God will bring good out of the senselessness. But brutally honest faith says more. It stands in the midst of its pain and tears wanting with all its heart to undo what has happened and says, “My God is in control. Nothing happens outside of His control. No matter what has come my way, my God who loves me has allowed it. He saw it coming and did not stop it. It passed through Him before it touched me, therefore, it will be for my good.” Courageous faith does not deny the pain or grief, but refuses to credit God with anything less than complete control of the situation.

2 thoughts on “My Last Shower

  1. very very true!
    (that picture makes me look so violent! Honest – I was reposing from a picture taken when we were little! Not planning on puching a pregnant lady!)


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