Catch Up News

Wow, where have I been? These last weeks (or months?) have been crazy. I got to spend a week at Megan and Greg’s when Greg went back to work. I helped around the house and ran a couple of errands, and GREATLY enjoyed my time there! I think the last time I spent Monday thru Friday daytime with just Megan was probably the spring before she started kindergarten. That was a crazy thought! So glad we still get along! Oz is such a good little baby, and Greg and Megan are doing a GREAT job!
Our garage has walls and a roof with a partial tie in to our old roof. Still no entryway and I can’t tell you how tired I am of parking at the church and hauling everything back and forth. I think I’m done with my morning swims until I have dry ground out back and maybe a garage I can get to. I’m thinking it could be a while….
I other completely AWESOME news, Kelli, Jon, and the girls are MOVING BACK TO IOWA!!!! We are SO excited! They’ll be living in Muscatine where Jon will be working as head of the trust department at Central State Bank. He’s worked very hard to get to this point, and we’re very happy for him. Of course, we may be even happier for us!!! So looking forward to being able to see them any weekend we want…and with Megan and Greg in the middle the possibilities are multiplied!
Well it was early when I started, but it’s late now…going to bed!!

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