Do you like to know the plan?  Are you uncomfortable with uncertainty and not knowing what to expect from day to day?  Me too.  Part of my reading this morning was Numbers 9 where the Bible tells about the tabernacle when completed, was filled with God’s glory.  By day the tabernacle was covered by the cloud, and by night by the appearance of fire.

As long as the cloud and fire remained over the tabernacle, the camp stayed in place.  If, when morning came, the cloud had lifted, they broke camp and moved where the cloud led them.  That sounds very nice and all, but can you imagine living this way?  They never knew how long they would stay in one place…overnight, a few days, months, or a year or more.  Not much room for planning ahead or putting down roots.  You wouldn’t be getting too attached to your surroundings.

I’m not saying that we need to live that radical a lifestyle, but can we aspire to be open to God’s leading day by day, moment by moment?  Can we begin to agree with Him not to move ahead without His direction, and to not hesitate when He shows the way?  Let’s seek His heart and mind about how He would have us live every day, every hour, every minute.  He has had lots of practice and will be faithful to lead.

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