It breaks my heart, Lord, to see and hear all

the anger and hatred from all sides these days.

The world ridicules and demeans Christians.

So-called Christians mock and vilify everyone outside their circle.

Truth is, we’re all guilty and have a sin nature at our core.

At the same time, most are decent and doing the best they can.

But people of every persuasion seem intent on seeing

only the worst in those who view life from a different perspective.

When did we lose our humanity and our willingness

to give someone the benefit of the doubt?

Have we lost the ability to put ourselves in another’s shoes?

How do we regain Your heart and love for people,

for those who live differently,

for those who have wronged us,

for those who have different priorities?

We need Your eyes and Your heart.

I need Your eyes and Your heart.




It breaks My heart, too, My child.  But I am not surprised.  None of this is new, even if it seems escalated to you.  It broke My heart enough that I sent My Son to pay the price for sin that runs so deep that there is no other solution.  Your broken heart is My gift to you.  Broken hearts are the ground in which I sow My life, My love, and My kingdom.  These are the hearts that will pray with Me as I intercede for My people before My Father.  Remain tender to the conditions you are made aware of, and pray for My life to be manifested in those places.

Pride, selfishness, and self-defense are at the heart of the human condition.  Even a born-again, redeemed soul falls easily into those old patterns.  The effect can be especially harmful when accompanied by religious conviction.  There is a harsh, unyielding expectation that only those who share the same particular conviction can possibly have good intentions.

That harshness causes people to recoil from everything associated with it.  As a result, truth is mocked and ridiculed as intolerant and rigid even when a good heart shares it in love.

It is a vicious circle with no solution to be found in human strategies or cleverness.  As My child, you are a vessel of My Spirit.  My Spirit will guide you into all truth and equip you with the courage to speak in truth and love.  As My children, you are members of each other and must help one another live with integrity.  You should challenge each other to love the world as I do.

Those who do not belong to Me will not understand that love and sacrifice, nor will they respond in kind.  Do not expect them to.  Love them anyway.  I do.

I will put everything right in My time and My way.  Do not fear being ridiculed or taken advantage of.  That is how I was treated, and you are not better than I.  Do not become bitter, but love and pray for those who mistreat you.  That is how you prove to be Mine.  That is the fruit of a broken heart.


John 3:16-21; 1 John 2:15-17; 1 John 2:9-11; John 14:26; Ephesians 4:14-16;

Ephesians 4:29-32; Matthew 5:44-48


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