Lord, I need a firm foundation.

I need to find my worth, my joy, my purpose in You.

I need the bedrock that cannot shift when life gets hard.

I need to truly believe that You are faithful when it feels like there is no hope.

I need Your presence.

I need Your self.

I need You.



I am here, dear one.  I have not moved, or shifted, or looked away for even a moment.  I know every thought, every hurt, every fear, and every tear.  I know when you feel alone.  I know how you feel inadequate.  I know that you feel powerless.  And I understand.

I also know that none of these things is a true description of who you are.  You are My beloved.  You can never be alone because I will never abandon you.  We are joined together just as truly as the life of a vine becomes the life of the branch.  I live in you, and you abide in Me.  This is just as true when you can’t feel it as it is when you are enjoying a powerful sense of My presence.  It is true because of My faithfulness, not because of your effort or awareness of it.

You are inadequate in yourself.  That is the point.  You can do nothing without Me.  You cannot even trust Me without Me.  That is why I have made available to you everything you need to meet every spiritual need.  I give My own faith to help you trust.  I live in you as the only One who has ever been patient, kind, long-suffering, gentle, humble, forgiving, faithful, self-controlled, and unselfish, without envy, without pride.  If you live by your own resources you will always be inadequate.  But My life in you never falls short of My purpose and plan.

Life beats you down.  Temptation taunts every effort to live well.  You get tired.  You hurt for yourself and for others.  You were not meant to grovel on this level.  You forget that you are seated with Me in heavenly places.  Remember, My child, to come to Me with every single need, both of your own and of those around you.  Pour out your heart to Me.  Sit with Me.  Take even one minute to release every care and ask for more of Me.  I am closer than your next breath, but I wait to be invited.  The joy and peace I give go far deeper than any circumstance can touch.  Happiness may depend on a good turn of events, but My joy runs deeper, under the trials, under the grief, under the tears.  It is the undercurrent of a life committed to trusting Me whether life looks bright or all seems dark.  This true joy is based on Me, and I am the true foundation that cannot fail.


I give you My presence, Myself.  Come.  Come again.  Keep coming.  I am to you a rock of habitation to which you may continually come.  I have given commandment to save you, for I am your rock and your fortress.


James 1:17; Hebrews 4:15-16; Ephesians 1:6; Matthew 28:20; John 15; Ephesians 1:3;

Ephesians 2:8,9; 1 Corinthians 13:4-8; Ephesians 2:4-7; Philippians 4:4-8; Psalm 71:1-3


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