Romans 12:2

Jon’s supposed to do another four weeks of physical therapy, but he got a good report from his doctor. He goes back there in four weeks, also. He did have to cut back a little bit on the intensity of his routine, but had some other restrictions lifted. The cutting back helped decrease the swelling. […]


Jon is still doing physical therapy, but still has too much swelling in his hand and wrist. We’re praying that it will go down so that he can make more progress. He’s working very hard on his exercises and stretches. We’re looking forward to the weekend…Megan and Greg are coming Friday till Sunday morning. On […]


It’s been a busy week. Jon started physical therapy and is spending about 3 hours a day on doing his water therapy and exercises. He’s very diligent! There is still a lot of swelling in his hand which we hope to see improve soon. Wednesday night I went to my ladies’ group. Last night we […]