It’s all new to me!!

Hi, everyone!! I’m finally joining this blogging world, and it’s all new. It’s a beautiful day in Iowa–warm, sunny, not humid (a real treat), and the middle of a long weekend. We had a special speaker in church this morning that was a real blessing, and some good friends came with us and were able to stay for lunch. It is a breath of fresh air to be with like-minded people, isn’t it? We plan to get outside this afternoon and do some target shooting and maybe fit in a motorcycle ride.
I plan to be sharing with you about God speaking to us in the middle of our “ordinary” days and ways and getting to know Him better as we come to realize how very much He loves us. Check out my website at and let me know how God speaks to you!

2 thoughts on “It’s all new to me!!

  1. Im so glad to see you here! I will be watching to see what God shows you on a day to day basis! I laughed out loud at your “about me” comment about liking to rearrange your cupboards. I, personally like to dis-arrange mine!


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