Happy Labor Day!!

I hope all of you are having a nice Labor Day as part of the long weekend. Ours turned out to be a mostly “labor” day. My husband has been working almost all day on a project for his job that can only be done on a Sunday or holiday. I spent the morning cleaning windows, which in my book counts for a full day of labor. The only one resting around here is the dog–Logan knows how to live–eat, sleep, eat, sleep.

We had kids on the road over the weekend who all made it home safely–always very grateful for safe travel…I just never take it for granted. Tomorrow we go back to our jobs and routine intending to be grateful for both the jobs and the welcome break of this long weekend.

My husband and a friend of his did some work over this last year helping with a new house project about 40 miles away. The family has a very sick little boy who is just turning 9 years old and could no longer live in the older farm house they were in. A gentleman in the community coordinated volunteers and got materials to build the family a new house. They are moved in now with the old house torn down and greatly enjoying their new home which helps this little boy’s health issues. Saturday night we went to a supper they were having for the people who had helped them. There were well over a hundred people there during the time that we were with others coming and going. I got to meet this little boy for the first time, and believe me, if you have children who are even reasonably healthy and functioning, you have SO much to be thankful for. He’s a tough and great little guy who has faced more these last few years than most of us will see in a lifetime. Never forget how blessed you are.

Thought for today:
God has given us each so much to be thankful for; look beyond the challenge you face to realize the blessing it means. Going back to work tomorrow means I have a job; cleaning windows means I have a house; being tired at the end of the day means there are people and things in my life worth expending myself for; piles of laundry mean I have clothes to wear; missing someone means they are (or were) a blessing to me.

6 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day!!

  1. Of course you can forward wherever you like. By the way, your picture on your profile is SO cute! Reminds me of all the braids I did in my girls’ hair while they were growing up. Love you!!


  2. Well, what Kathy said… I probably won’t be forwarding your blog to Florida, but I agree whole-heartedly about the gifted writing and you will always be my best friend. You are also God’s gift to me as the best wife He could have ever picked out for me. I love you.Jon


  3. Hey Mom – You are officially much cooler than me now. I didn’t even know what a blog was… I guess two little boys take up too much of my time to worry about being cool…Love you!Tabbi


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