End of the World???

It’s Saturday, May 21 and, according to someone the rapture is supposed to happen today. Which, of course, means that it won’t. However, it was the last day for Logan. She ran off a couple of times last Monday, and we think she may have been hit on the road. She came back stiff as […]

Dan and Logan

We’re watching “Dan in Real Life” again….laugh, laugh, laugh out loud!!! Ruthie Pigface Draper. Jon can’t sleep in his chair because I’m laughing too loud. This little piggy…Ruthie Pigface Draper. TOO MUCH FUN!!! Logan is insane. She ran away again this morning. Was caught by our neighbor as she was walking down Chatburn Ave pretty […]

Wonder Dog

Logan is an adventurer. She doesn’t look like one. She doesn’t act like one. But if she sees a rabbit she TRANSFORMS into Wonder Dog. We think she saw a rabbit Tuesday afternoon while she was enjoying the sunny afternoon. When Jon got home after work the gates looked closed but there was no Logan. […]


Logan’s breathing has sounded funny for about a week now…really bad on Sunday. I got her into the vet today, and she has bronchitis. We’re not big on spending big bucks on old dogs, but this should be treatable with a little time, some meds, and some tlc. She’s going to a kennel over the […]