Logan’s breathing has sounded funny for about a week now…really bad on Sunday. I got her into the vet today, and she has bronchitis. We’re not big on spending big bucks on old dogs, but this should be treatable with a little time, some meds, and some tlc. She’s going to a kennel over the weekend where they will take good care of her. That will probably be better for her than playing hard with Bailey all weekend!

It’s been a pretty good day otherwise…I hope it was for you, too!

Thought for the day

From my journal today…
“…Let Me move through (your life) like a mighty wind blowing away the dust and residue of old habits, fears, worries, and death. Let me settle, live, dwell, and abide in all those places replacing the old life with Myself. You will find these areas clean, fresh, and full of light. Do not allow the wisdom of man, pride, or the lies of the enemy to gain any foothold of darkness. Live before Me simply, as a child, receiving My gifts and trusting My love…”

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