Fun Times

It was a fun weekend. Friday night we went to Tre’s baseball game and saw him do really well…even was part of a double play! Then on Saturday afternoon Greg and Megan came over. We went to Tony’s BBQ Bistro in Walnut for supper then they went to her 10th class reunion. Man, we’re old. On Sunday Tabbi and the boys came as well and we all went to church then had a big brunch. The rest of the day we played, got motorcycle rides, watched movies, and took care of Logan. I don’t think our dog feels good. I think I need to get her to the vet this week.

This week we have some things to get done around here and get ready to travel. We’re looking forward to our time at the Holthe’s!!! See you soon, guys!!

3 thoughts on “Fun Times

  1. For the last week she's been panting a lot…most any time that she's up walking around…and it sounds like there's something caught in her throat or airway. If she's lying down she's quiet. Sunday it was pretty bad, now today seems better. She has an appt tomorrow.


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