Good Discussion

This week seems to be going fast…that’s probably good! We had great storms move through the area last night…lots of thunder and a good rain with only a little wind. In other places it was crazier. Jon was out on call till after 1 A.M.

We had a really good discussion tonight at my ladies’s group. We talked about how easily we get sucked into thinking about negative things. We worry about the people that don’t like us. We imagine and perceive insults, wrongs, and motives. None of these things are any of our business. Another person’s thought process, motives, and temperament are issues between him or her and God. Our part is to live before Him, obey Him, love others, forgive wrongs, and rejoice. If this or that person has complaints against us, it may be simply not our problem. We may or may not need to understand their motivation; but we do need to forgive any offense in order to live freely before God.

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