36th Anniversary

Jon and I got married 36 years ago today. That sounds like a really long time. It’s weird, because in some ways I feel no different, yet in other ways very different. We started dating when I was 14, so most of the time it seems like we’ve never not been together. I thought we were all grown up when we got married, but now when I look at pictures we look SO young. And when I see people that age I can hardly believe they’re old enough to drive! We’ve had our ups and downs, our betters and worsers, richers and poorers (though the gap between was pretty small :)), and a little sickness and mostly health. We’re not done with those roads yet, but we have a pretty good track record so far!

If you are among our friends, thanks for being part of the journey. If you are our family, we love you SO MUCH!!! Blessings on all of you!!

5 thoughts on “36th Anniversary

  1. It's been a great journey so far, honey. It's hard to believe we're probably halfway there…
    I love you.


    Thanks Selah!


  2. happy anniversary again! Thankyou for your life together…. you guys set a great example to follow – what a God honoring marriage is about. We all love you!


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