The sunshine beckons. The fresh wind blows away all that was stale. Grass turns green, and buds appear. It’s spring, Lord, and I’m thankful. I’m thankful for living where I get to enjoy the change of seasons and see the miracles of sun, growth, planting, harvest, thunderstorms, autumn, and snow. It’s time for renewal inside and […]

Meet Zoe

Wow, what a change at our house!  After being without a dog for five years, we now have Zoe.  She has definitely changed up the routine around here.  This first picture was taken the day we brought her home, but she is growing fast.  She will end up somewhere between 12 and 15 pounds probably […]


Christmas is approaching!  I love this season…lights, music, movies, concerts, snow, cold, comfort, families gathered, traditions observed, and even the craziness of getting it all done.  But my favorite moments are the quiet ones…the times when I look at a manger scene and am struck all over again with the vastness and scope of God’s […]