It’s early December and all through our home There are snowmen and tree lights and even some gnomes. Nativities of all kinds are in several rooms To celebrate Jesus in the morn, night, and noon. Jon keeping busy with jobs of all kinds At home, on the farm, he never minds. Luann moves more slowly […]


Christmas is approaching!  I love this season…lights, music, movies, concerts, snow, cold, comfort, families gathered, traditions observed, and even the craziness of getting it all done.  But my favorite moments are the quiet ones…the times when I look at a manger scene and am struck all over again with the vastness and scope of God’s […]

More Getting Ready

After going out for supper on Friday night, I did a lot of work getting ready for Christmas this weekend. Besides the usual laundry and cleaning, I baked cinnamon rolls, dinner buns, made chocolate bark, wrapped more gifts, got a ton of groceries, went to church, went to a visitation, went to 2 basketball games, […]


Merry Christmas, everyone!! This has been a memorable Christmas…blizzard, cancelled plans, Jon working. It’s been just Logan and me hanging out yesterday and today…the same tomorrow and Sunday, no doubt. The snow and wind have been unbelievable with more coming tonight and tomorrow. Holthe’s and Melby’s all stayed home…smart choice. Culver’s are in Winfield until […]

Falling Behind

It’s been a busy week with a busy weekend ahead. I’ve been working some longer hours getting out statements and catching up on corn records. The late harvest has really put me back in getting ready for Christmas. I went to my ladies’ group Wednesday night. Last night we went to Tre’s and Tru’s school […]

Stuffed With Stuffing

Okay, now we’re full. The turkey was much larger than needed, but great for leftovers. Even the little boys ate pie…chocolate was a hit. They weren’t too sure about orange salad yet, maybe next year. Tre was very excited to get here and find there was a “real turkey” in the oven. He didn’t think […]