More Getting Ready

After going out for supper on Friday night, I did a lot of work getting ready for Christmas this weekend. Besides the usual laundry and cleaning, I baked cinnamon rolls, dinner buns, made chocolate bark, wrapped more gifts, got a ton of groceries, went to church, went to a visitation, went to 2 basketball games, and supper at Village Inn. Now we’re just sitting around…perhaps comatose (while doing more laundry).
Plans are coming together for the weekend…Kelli and girls coming on Wednesday, Jon getting in on Friday. Saturday Culver’s and Melby’s will come for the whole day. Culver’s staying till sometime Sunday. Holthe’s going to another Christmas on Sunday then returning before going east for a few days. I’m excited to have everyone together…always the best part.
I hope your Christmas will be as wonderful…and I hope that you find some perfect moments to turn your heart to Christ and worship Him.

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