Stuffed With Stuffing

Okay, now we’re full. The turkey was much larger than needed, but great for leftovers. Even the little boys ate pie…chocolate was a hit. They weren’t too sure about orange salad yet, maybe next year. Tre was very excited to get here and find there was a “real turkey” in the oven. He didn’t think he’d ever seen that before. He and Tru were impressed with the sight of the whole turkey and watching the carving process. We missed having Kelli’s family here with us, but I don’t think it will work to ship them leftovers. Sorry guys, we’ll make it up to you at Christmas!! Now it’s time to decorate for Christmas!!! Megan will be commuting from here this week while Greg stays here so we get some more quality time with them—yay!!!

Thought for the day

It’s challenging to stay focused this time of year. I really enjoy all the holiday festivities, but I need to make a very deliberate effort to keep on a spiritual even keel to avoid the after-Christmas crash. What are your strategies for holiday mental and spiritual health?

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