Wow, back to the grind. End of the month, statements the next 2 days, lots of corn reports because of harvest. On Thursday and Friday Jon and I go to Des Moines for an REC recognition thing. I’m tired but I need to get some Christmas decorating done…we’ll see how that goes. Megan works late tonight, but fortunately not the rest of the week.

Thought for the day

Are you done Christmas shopping? Not me. I don’t have a lot left, but some. I always feel a little disappointed in the gifts I give. Once in a while I feel like I get just the right thing, but even then I wish I could give more…not necessarily in quantity, but certainly quality…I want to give those I love the blessings that really make a difference–health, time, safety, provision, purpose, fulfillment, love, the things that really matter. Of course I can’t buy them any of these things. What I can do is pray all of these things for them, and I do. I hope they know that when they open their “gift” there is so much more that I want and pray for them. What a blessing to know that God answers prayers and wants to bless us.

5 thoughts on “Post-Thanksgiving

  1. Luann, just these words, to your family will be a gift. I feel that this Christmas is more about giving of ourselves and not the “things”. Ask the kids, “what did I give you for Christmas the last five years?” I bet they dont remember…but I bet they remember the cookies and bars, the trips to the zoo, shopping together, having “mom” at other end of the telephone cord when things werent looking good…and for the little ones to know that grandmasoris (sp) was the most fun grandasoris in the world. Your life is a gift to them and they cherish that gift, you can be sure! I love you!


  2. Mom – we don’t need any gifts at all (but food, yes). We know what’s important! (Besides just the food). We’re just excited that we’ll all be together to celebrate and eat food. Did I mention we like your food?🙂 Tabbi


  3. Thanks, Kathy, you are so sweet. Is your neck starting to recover from the weekend? I hope you bounce back quickly!! Anything new happening with Lauren? I still pray for them and Jeff. Love you lots!!


  4. Tabbi, I’m excited too for getting us all together…I hope it will still work for Greg. Did I tell you I plan on making food? Haven’t done my list yet, but soon!! I know you all know what’s important, I just want to warp it all up and give it to you…I might need a bigger tree!!


  5. I forgot to mention that I want FOOD for Christmas! Please orange salad and homemade buns!!! And maybe raisin pie if there is time. . . if not, I’ll survive! But we’ll come even if there is no food! 🙂


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